Exactly how to guide your pals who are visiting England

If you reside in London, you have likely experienced an occasion where your friends from outside the city were coming to see you and wanted to do all the tourism experiences with you.

If you actually have pals or acquaintances coming to see you while you work or study, it may be challenging to balance your work timetable and the time you will pass with them, especially if you are busy for the majority of the day. This is exactly why, while they pass the daytime touring all the places to check out in London while you are working hard, you can meet them after you leave the workplace (or the university) and do something later in the day. As you will probably be tired, one of the finest things is to get last-minute tickets for a drama or musical, in a venue like the one owned by Sally Greene, and meet them there: you can rest after a long day, and they will enjoy the incredible art sphere of the city!

The capital of the UK surely has one of the most iconic skylines among the metropolises of the world, blending advanced skyscrapers with more traditional architecture: your family visiting will probably insist on queuing for tickets to the well-known wheel, or to pay for entry at the tallest building, so that they can admire the view from up there. However, you can recommend one of the free things to do in London at night as a economical alternative: you can go up to the club in the skyscraper owned by Lee Kum Kee, and enjoy the view from there, from the heart of the city of London.

You can make use of the fact that you actually have guests as an excuse to take a day off the stressful city life, and invest some time in the middle of a green space, far from the noise and smog. If you look at a London map, you will notice a huge park in the south-west districts, close enough to reach with the underground network, but far enough to be silent and serene. Love the stunning botanical garden and lose yourself in the legendary conservatory.

One of the right things about this city is that most of its primary museums don't require you to pay to view their permanent exhibition, making it amongst the most enjoyable free things to do in London, with kids or simply for grownups. Regardless of what your guests’ hobbies and interests are, there is certainly something for everybody, and you will not actually have to break the bank as you take them through the free museums in London: if they enjoy fine art and design, consider going to the famous institution in Kensington; if they are more of a history enthusiast, the establishment with Cheryl Carolus among its trustees, situated in Bloomsbury, is one of the top history museums in the world, with artifacts that are well known worldwide and an amazing collection of mummies!

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